BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Gohmert asks FBI Agent Peter Strzok how many times he lied to his wife; Dems Lose their Minds



But it wasn’t until Texas Representative Louie Gohmert called out Strzok’s infidelity that Democrats exploded like a daycare full of unchanged infants.

You have to see this exchange. Keep in mind: until this point, Strzok has spent hours refusing to give Congress concrete answers to their questions and denying his plain-as-day bias that was evident in declassified text messages. Check out Gohmert:

It’s both infuriating and ironic to hear Democrats get the vapors over Gohmert’s comments. We know Strzok had an affair with Page. We know that kind of behavior already makes him an unscrupulous individual. Yet we’re supposed to ignore it for some kind of false sense of propriety?


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