Bolton’s Lack of Vietnam Service Is Being Treated Very Differently Than Clinton’s


With John Bolton set to bring his combative spirit to the Trump White House as the president’s national security adviser, liberal critics are dragging out the ghost of the Vietnam War as they react to his appointment.

Adam Weinstein, who vented about the appointment on the website Task and Purpose, characterized Bolton as a man who “believes dearly that blood makes the grass grow,” and then slammed Bolton for not having served in Vietnam.

“I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy,” Bolton wrote in 1995, according to “I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.”


The Times wrote that there is nothing wrong with a political candidate who “worked to avoid the draft, at times cleverly, but in ways that accorded with accepted common practice among others of his generation. Against that history, this Vietnam echo looks like an irrelevance that ought not distract New Hampshire voters …”

In this case, The Times was defending presidential candidate Bill Clinton. – READ MORE

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