Bolivia’s socialist president resigns


Socialist leader Evo Morales resigned as Bolivia’s president on Saturday after an international audit found “serious irregularities” in last month’s presidential elections.

According to CNN, Morales said he is stepping down “for the good of the country.” Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera has also stepped down. The resignations come after weeks of protests and a fierce backlash to last month’s controversial elections.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports Morales’ departure from office after 14 years may be the result of internal demands from the country’s military leaders. “We suggest the President of the State renounce his presidential mandate, allowing peace to be restored and the stability maintained for the good of our Bolivia,” said General Williams Kaliman, the commander of Bolivia’s armed forces.

Meanwhile, CBS says that following Morales’ resignation, a large crowd rejoiced in the Bolivian capital’s main square with “some crying tears of joy.” The crowd chanted “This is not Cuba, nor Venezuela. This is Bolivia, and Bolivia is respected.” – READ MORE

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