Blue Wave Fails Again – TX Dems Beat Lowest Turnout Record Since 1920


If you needed more evidence that the blue wave has dissolved into a blue puddle, take Texas. Texas is one of those states that the left has been hoping to turn “purple” for quite some time now. They had even hoped to have an outside shot to take out Sen. Ted Cruz in November if things had really gone well.

So, you would assume given all that, Gov. Greg Abbott would be another target for a major pick-up in a blue wave. After all, he’s one of the most visible conservatives in the United States — a wall-buildinggun-loving patriot who signed an anti-Shariah law act.

That’s a target in a purple state during a blue wave if I’ve ever seen one, particularly one where the Democrats still held some sway until relatively recently. Surely the primary to get a shot at Abbott was a full-blown Texas shootout, right?

As you can probably tell from the tenor of my prose, not so much. The three-way gubernatorial runoff was earlier this week, and… well, there’s probably a reason you didn’t hear about it.

“As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, just 415,000 Democrats had cast ballots in the gubernatorial runoff. For reference, that’s a decline of almost 60 percent from the 1 million Texans who cast ballots in the March Democratic primary,” Cassandra Pollock at the Texas Tribune reported.

“That’s the largest primary-to-runoff decline — and the smallest number of ballots cast — in the 14 Democratic gubernatorial primary runoffs held since 1920. That year, 449,000 Democrats voted, according to Texas Election Source’s analysis of Texas State Historical Association data.”

Yes, that’s right, the lowest total in 98 years of gubernatorial runoffs. Boy, they sure are excited down Lone Star way. – READ MORE

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