Bloomberg On Tape: A Transgender Man Is Just ‘Some Guy Wearing A Dress’


Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg released a video this week stressing his campaign’s commitment to LGBTQ+ voters, and focusing on “inclusivity” for at-risk youth, including, apparently, youth who identify as trangender.

But just as the video was making the rounds on social media, a second video surfaced, this one from just last year, showing a Bloomberg largely hostile to “transgender rights” and, in particular, the right of an individual to use the bathroom of their choice, as associated with their gender identity.

Buzzfeed News reports that, in the video, which has since been removed from social media, Bloomberg appears on a panel for the “Bermuda Business Development Agency,” and is openly hostile to accommodations for transgender individuals — and openly hostile to Democratic candidates making transgender rights a staple of their 2020 presidential campaign platforms.

“If your conversation during a presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and whether he, she, or it can go to the locker room with their daughter, that’s not a winning formula for most people,” Bloomberg says in the clip. – READ MORE

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