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Blood, Sweatshop and Tears: Haitian Story Hillary Clinton Prefers to Forget


White Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to find out what exactly went wrong, the question arises: What if it was Clinton’s own policies and actions that cost the Democratic nominee the White House?

And that brings us back to a largely neglected story of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s work in Haiti. In her November interview with Sputnik, Haitian-born journalist Dr. Dady Chery shed light on the Clintons’ effort to cash in on the US’ recovery operation which followed the deadly earthquake in Haiti back in January, 2010. “I believe the IHRC [Interim Haiti Recovery Commission] is named after Hillary Rodham Clinton and should really be ‘I, HRC’,” Chery told Sputnik. The so-called Caracol Industrial Park is yet another shameful page in the Clintons’ Haitian saga, according to the journalist. – READ MORE

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