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    ‘Black Panther’ Blasted For ‘Lack Of Queer Representation’


    The smashing blockbuster success “Black Panther” is being praised both as a wildly entertaining film and as a triumph in “diversity” because of its almost entirely black cast. But some on the “intersectionality” Left say that the film failed in one glaring way on the diversity spectrum: it lacks “queer representation.”

    The complaint has really gained traction after one of the film’s female stars, Florence Kasumba, seemed to confirm that a lesbian scene she was involved in was left on the cutting room floor. In an interview with Kasumba, Vulture faults the film for its “lack of queer representation.”

    After praising the film for its “onscreen representation” for the “nearly all-black cast” and “richly detailed female figures,” Vulture details the intersectional complaint, which stems in part from what appears to be the deliberate purging of homosexual references to some of the comic book series’ gay characters, including the one played by Kasumba  – READ MORE

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