Black Lives Matter Leader Living in Million Dollar Hood in Home Linked to George Soros


Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson is not down with the struggle.

Instead, he is living in a suburban Baltimore neighborhood of almost exclusively white people with million-dollar homes, far away from the urban strife of inner Baltimore. More alarming, however, DeRay is living in the home owned by a well placed executive in the George Soros labyrinth of organizations. DeRay’s address used on government filings puts his residence in a beautiful house owned by James and Robin Wood, the well-regarded society couple and philanthropists from Baltimore.

Part of the couple’s charitable giving has targeted Soros’ Open Society Institute, of which Robin is a board member and has served the Soros group since 2008.

DeRay’s house offers a generous circular driveway, fireplace, large deck and acres upon acres of open land behind the home. But is DeRay even paying rent? Not likely.

Part of DeRay’s spacious back yard and view:


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