Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Calls for Boycott of Royal Family, Claiming They Don’t Value Black Lives


Black Lives Matter co-founder Opal Tometi is calling for a boycott of the Royal Family, alleging that they don’t value black lives.

The boycott comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that somebody in the Royal Family had “concerns and conversations” about how dark her child’s skin color might be after she was first pregnant with her son Archie.

Tometi told TMZ that Meghan’s allegations that at least one member of the Royal Family expressed “concerns” about Archie’s skin color makes it clear to her that the entire Royal Family does not value black lives.

Although no one knows who the alleged Royal Family member is, Tometi says that people should nonetheless start believing black women when they speak up.

“Regardless of who it was, Opal says Meghan and Harry’s experience shows just how problematic the Royal Family has been for quite some time, and the world doesn’t need to have institutions that treat Black people as if they don’t matter,” TMZ reports.

Tometi also says that Meghan’s experience is what all too often happens with black people and that when they try to go through the proper channels to resolve a problem, it turns out that the problem is with the institution itself. – READ MORE

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