Black Leaders in Portland Criticize Violent Protesters


While mainstream media outlets have tried to paint Portland’s protests as “mostly peaceful,” local black leaders have criticized demonstrators for destroying private and public property in the city—actions that they say distract from the call for racial justice.

Rachelle Dixon, vice chair of Portland’s Multnomah County Democrats, said the destruction was “disturbing.”

“To see people standing in Portland destroying property and not actually doing the work of advocating for black people was disturbing,” Dixon told the New York Times. “I think they’re a distraction from the everyday needs of people of color, especially black people. My life is not going to improve because you broke the glass at the Louis Vuitton store.”

Rioters have attacked the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse for two months, launching fireworks at the building and breaking windows. They’ve also targeted local police stations and businesses throughout the city. According to the Portland Business Alliance, 90 downtown businesses lost more than $22 million—$4 million in property damage and $18 million in lost revenue—in the first month of protests alone. – READ MORE

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