Bitter: Ousted Rep. Mia Love knocks Trump, GOP for making women and minorities feel unwelcome


Outgoing Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) went after President Trump and the GOP broadly in a new interview, saying they have alienated minority voters and failed to make women feel welcome in the Republican Party.

Love voiced her criticisms in an interview with Washington Examiner, saying women and minorities stay with the Democratic Party “because they feel like they have a home — or Democrats make them feel like they have a home.”

“I’ve said this to my colleagues, we need to do a better job than just talking about how great our policies are, we need to actually let people know that we care,” Love said. “They need to like Republicans.”

Love, the only black Republican woman in Congress and the daughter of Haitian immigrants, was defeated in her reelection race earlier this month. – READ  MORE


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