Bishop’s Border Protest: America Treats Migrants ‘Worse Than Animals’


Texas Bishop Mark J. Seitz accompanied migrants from Central America across the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday to protest conditions of migrant holding facilities.

“Standing here at the U.S.-Mexico border, how do we begin to diagnose the soul of our country?” Seitz said, speaking in both Spanish and English.

The Roman Catholic bishop told protestors the “heart-sick government and society” of America views “fleeing children and families as threats.”

Seitz condemned Americans by stating “a government and society who turn their backs on pregnant mothers, babies and families and make them wait in Ciudad Juarez without a thought to the crushing consequences on this challenged city . . . This government and this society are not well.”

The bishop led migrants, protestors, and members of the clergy across the Lerdo International Bridge in what he called a “Faith Action” demonstration to highlight the “Remain in Mexico” program that returns migrants to Ciudad Juarez, where they wait for border agents to retrieve them and process their asylum claims. – READ MORE

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