Bill Maher Gives ‘Weak’ Dems Advice on Trump ‘Constitutional Crisis’: ‘Do Something or Stop Talking About It’ (VIDEO)


Comedian Bill Maher took aim at Democrats on Friday night, blasting them as “look weak” for their bluster about the country being in “a constitutional crisis” under President Donald Trump while not “do anything” about it.

During Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he quipped that he felt like the country was “in a permanent state of constitutional crisis” as “ say it every week now” before naming off a few of the other issues that the Democratic Party has been prattling on about:

“Taxes: No, you can’t see his taxes. Steve Mnuchin says there is no legitimate legislative purpose. Not for him to say. Not a thing. Security clearances: Us to know, you to not find out. The redacted Mueller report: Executive privilege. Again, not a thing.”

“Deutsche Bank: They want those documents,” Maher continued on, chuckling. “They’re suing for that. That’ll never happen.” – READ MORE

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