Bill Maher Doubles Down On Recession Hopes For Beating Trump (VIDEO)


It was not a fluke or slip of the tongue when comedian Bill Maher said last week on his show that a recession would be “worth it” in order to defeat President Trump in 2020. In fact, not only has Maher doubled-down on his hope, he even found a panelist to go along with him

On Friday night, Maher debated his fellow panelists during a segment on his HBO show “Real Time,” where he found an ally in NBC News correspondent Richard Engel, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We have survived many recessions. We can’t survive another Donald Trump term,” Maher said.

Conservative guest Tom Nichols disagreed with Maher, despite also being a noted critic of President Trump. “I’m not wishing for a recession,” he said. – READ MORE

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