Bill Maher Blasts ‘Liberal’ Celebs for College Admissions Scandal: ‘Exactly Why’ People Voted for Trump (VIDEO)


HBO host Bill Maher went off on “liberal” parents who were part of the college admissions scandal, suggesting that this was why people did not want to support the Democratic Party.

During his show on Friday, Maher pointed out that while there may have been people from both sides involved, he wanted to focus on the left-leaning side of the scandal, saying this was the reason people voted for President Donald Trump.

“There’s a real liberal face on this scandal,” Maher said. “We don’t know all the people involved, and I’m sure there were some conservatives. But it looks like coastal elites. If you ever wonder why so many people — how could you vote for Trump? Or why do they hate Democrats so much? This is exactly why.”

The comedian also questioned parenting, saying he was worried about the future because of how children are being raised. – READ MORE

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