Bill Gates: Eliminate All Greenhouse Gas In 30 Years Or Else World Will Be 5X Worse Than Pandemic


Left-wing billionaire Bill Gates claimed on Sunday during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” that if the world does not completely eliminate greenhouse gases within the next 30 years that people won’t be able to go outside, there will be a massive migration crisis, and things will be five times worse than they were at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You say that we have to go from the 51 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions from 51 billion tons to zero – zero by the year 2050, and that anything less than that will precipitate a catastrophe,” Fox News host Chris Wallace said.

“Well, yes. The CO2 stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years, and that’s what forces the temperatures to go up. And so, it’s really the sum of all those emissions starting in the industrial age that’s causing this temperature forcing with all of its ill effects,” Gates said. “You know, there’s no magic date that, it’s all great until then, and it’s — it’s terrible once you cross that threshold. It’s pretty linear as far as we know. 2050 happens to be the soonest realistic date for the world to change all of these source emissions — which are actually quite broader than most people are aware of, because it’s got things like steel and cement, not just cars and electricity.”

Gates also claimed during the interview that the fact that he lives in mansions and flies around in private jets is not really the issue that critics say it is when they point out his hypocrisy because he is “offsetting” his carbon emissions.- READ MORE

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