Big-Spending IRS Agents Blew Thousands On Luxury Apartments, Black Car Service

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The Internal Revenue Service assiduously monitors the expenses you claim on your taxes every year but is not as careful when it comes to its own employees, according to a Senate report released Wednesday and first obtained by Fox News.

While one IRS agent spent a $40,000 five-month stay at Washington, D.C.’s Grand Hyatt, the Senate Finance Committee report reveals this is only one high-end example. The IRS allowed 27 employees to spend a little more than $1.4 million on long-term travel expenses in the fiscal year 2015, including luxury apartment bookings and excursions to five-star hotels, resulting in some IRS employees amassing an average per annum travel claim of $52,000.

Though federal guidelines for federal employees travel are vague and indicate that they should demonstrate the same degree of thriftiness as a “prudent person,” the Senate report flatly rejected that this standard is being taken seriously.

“The number of employees who travel more than half of the year and the cost at which they do so is simply unacceptable,” the report found. – READ MORE

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