Big Media Company Withholds FBI Investigative Bombshell For Months; Shielding Mueller, Hillary & FBI Brass from Publicity Disaster


A major media company has tabled and potentially buried an investigative blowout on the FBI which implicates Robert Mueller and even Hillary Clinton, according to well-placed sources.

True Pundit’s Thomas Paine has contacted the editor of the mainstream publication and put the large publisher on notice: Either publish the story or True Pundit will out the players involved in keeping the story hush and locked down for months.

President Obama and key members of his administration too could be implicated in the story, sources report.

The publisher has reportedly been sitting on the blockbuster story for five months. Now, FBI sources who contributed to the story are beginning to question the publication’s motives.

A cover up or merely editorial complications?

Below is an email Paine dispatched to the Big Media editor on Sunday demanding the release of this important story which details the FBI’s tangled role in negotiating the release of a U.S. citizen being held hostage abroad.

Paine’s correspondence, in part, details challenges for other news publications to gather Intel on the story:

“This is a timely and important story that neither we nor any other media has been able to develop and report because again, you’ve locked down sources. Normally we would work around this but this is a unique story and we do not have that luxury as the group of well-placed sources is very close knit.

“Cut it loose (publish it or kill it) or we can write about you not cutting it loose. And you can answer to other folks — including the loyal FBI-linked sources — why you sat on the story for months when the issue of FBI corruption is at its peak of national interest. That is not something I’d like to do but either way, the story gets out in the public domain.”

“We’ve extended a courtesy here,” Paine said. “I’ve worked major national stories but when a story sits in the tank for five and six months it indicates something larger at the publication is at play, something beyond the reporter’s control.

“The goal right now is to get the story in print. Mission here before ego. This story is too important not be be seen by the public”

One way or another.

If the story is not released this week, Paine said he will expose the publication and additional unredacted details.

Tick tock.

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