Biden’s Gaffes And Stumbles Prove ‘He’s Not In Charge,’ Fox News Host Says


Fox News host Steve Hilton said Friday that President Joe Biden’s gaffes and stumbles prove “he’s not in charge.”

“The capacity of our commander-in-chief is a vital public issue. It’s not just this gaffe, there’s one of these almost every day where he seems to forget where he is or what he’s doing, he stumbles and mumbles,” Hilton said on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus.”

Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” on Thursday during an announcement at the White House. The president also repeatedly stumbled and fell once on Friday as he was boarding Air Force One, video footage shows.

Hilton said Biden “clearly at the very least doesn’t have the energy to do the job” and called the commander-in-chief a “president in name only,” based on the centrist president’s apparently progressive agenda. The Fox News host said strongholds within the Democratic Party are controlling Biden’s agenda, even though the commander-in-chief campaigned “with a very clear centrist message.”

“Yet what do we have? We have an agenda that is completely driven by the power bases within the Democratic party, which is very clear; the government unions, the woke left and of course the permanent bureaucracy pushing for things like going back to the Iran deal,” Hilton said.

“He’s not in charge. That’s why this is a massive issue of public importance,” Hilton said.

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