Biden Unveils Plan To Slash US Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 50% During Global Climate Summit


President Biden and VP Harris kicked off the Leaders Summit on Climate Thursday with welcoming remarks, calling on the world leaders to take action to combat climate change collectively as he announced his aggressive new goal on greenhouse gas emissions, which we noted below.

Following opening remarks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on countries, especially major emitters, to submit new and more ambitious plans laying out actions and policies that will align the next 10 years with a “2050 net-zero pathway.”

The White House has published a proclamation for Earth Day to mark the occasion. A list of attendees has been shared here.

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President Biden is reportedly aiming to reduce the US greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to 52% (compared with 2005 levels) by the year 2030, according to a flurry of leaked reports in the NYT and other media outlets Thursday morning.

These new measures will force Americans to transform the way they drive, heath their homes and manufacture goods as Biden drags America toward the distant goal of carbon neutrality.- READ MORE

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