Biden Unveils Green Energy Plan That Promises ‘Zero Emissions’ by 2050


Joe Biden threw down a gauntlet that challenged the fossil fuel industry’s survival while guaranteeing Americans will be paying more for their electricity and gasoline while destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It’s every green’s wet dream of an energy plan that would impoverish America and not even come close to achieving the goals of “clean” electrical energy by 2035 and “carbon-free” emissions by 2050.

The reason is climate change. And the cost is going to be astronomical. Biden wants to spend $2 trillion of your tax dollars over the next 4 years to jump-start the process of converting the nation’s energy sector into something that will look more like Venezuela or Iraq than a modern, Western, industrialized nation.

ABC News:  “Biden has from the outset, rejected the idea that we have to choose between good jobs and a clean energy future. He laid out a vision on this last year for building a clean energy future, and today he’s putting in place some of the concrete plans to create these jobs. Again, these are good paying union jobs,” a Biden campaign adviser told reporters on a conference call outlining the plan Tuesday morning.

That noise you hear is the AFL-CIO dancing a jig on the grave of the American economy. – READ MORE

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