Biden To Restaurant Owner Struggling To Find People To Hire: ‘Your Business’ Is ‘Going To Be In A Bind For A Little While’


President Joe Biden gave an interesting answer during a CNN town hall event to a restaurant owner who is struggling to find people to hire, telling the owner that his business might be in a “bind” for a while and suggesting that maybe other businesses with similar problems need to pay more money to workers.

“We employ hundreds of hard-working team members throughout the state of Ohio and across the country. And we’re looking to hire more every day as we try to restart our restaurant business,” John Lanni, a Republican, said to Biden. “The entire industry, amongst other industries, continue to struggle to find employees. How do you and the Biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven’t returned to work yet? Hiring is our top priority right now.”

“Well, two things, one, if you noticed, we kept you open,” Biden claimed. “We spent billions of dollars to make sure restaurants could stay open. And a lot of people who now — who worked as waiters and waitresses decided that they don’t want to do that anymore because there’s other opportunities at higher wages, because there’s a lot of openings now in jobs and people are beginning to move, beginning to move.

“There’s some evidence that maintaining the ability to continue to not — to not have your — have to pay your rent so you don’t get thrown out and being able to provide for unemployment insurance has kept people from going back to work. There’s no — not much distinction between not going back to work in a restaurant and not going back to work at a factory. So people are looking to change opportunities, change what they’re doing,” Biden continued.- READ MORE

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