Biden to Give $125 Million to Palestinian Terrorists


Now that our tax money and foreign policy are under the control of the Democrats, we’re back to payoffs and giving money to terrorists.

According to The Hill “The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department have sent notification to Congress of their intent to deliver approximately $125 million in assistance to the Palestinians, according to a congressional source.”

The Palestinians will get $75 million to enrich their economy; $10 million for “cross-border, people-to-people reconciliation” activities; $40 million for security (that’s rich); and $15 for the coronavirus pandemic. They already received their “coronavirus pandemic” money.

These disbursement descriptions are hilarious.

As if Biden has any say in what the terrorists will use the money for. Or cares.

The anti-Israeli Biden Harris administration is the head of the snake, doing the bidding of their progressive members in Congress and the growing anti-semitism in their party. – READ MORE

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