Biden says no masks outdoors for fully vaccinated people step toward ‘normal living’


President Joe Biden on Tuesday reiterated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated guidance that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need masks while outdoors except in crowded settings.

The agency had released the new guidance shortly before Biden was set to provide an update on the pandemic.

“Earlier today the CDC made an important announcement. Starting today if you are fully vaccinated and outdoors, not in a big crowd, you can go without a mask,” the president said, noting that masks are still required in crowded spaces, such as a music concert, regardless if it is outdoors.

But when it comes to gathering with a group of friends in the park or going for a picnic, “you can do this without a mask,” he said, noting that the federal health agency was able to change its guidance because the “odds of getting or giving the virus are very low out in open air.”

“If you are vaccinated you can do more things more safely indoors and outdoors,” the president continued. “For those who haven’t gotten it, this is another good reason to get vaccinated. It’s about saving your life [and the lives] of those around you; it’s about getting back to normal life.”- READ MORE

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