Biden says he has no plans to travel to the southern border


President Biden said Tuesday he does not have any plans to travel to the southern border “at the moment,” amid a migrant surge in migrants and overwhelmed facilities.

A group of GOP lawmakers traveled to the southwest border on Monday, and two other groups are set to travel there this month. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, speaking in McAllen, Texas, urged the president to travel to the border himself.

“He needs to come to this border, look what has happened, at what he’s created, and change it,” McCarthy told Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins.

“It’s worse than a crisis. I thought I would see a crisis, but this is really a human heartbreak,” he said.

McCarthy led a group of 13 House Republicans on their trip Monday. The surge at the border includes a considerable rise in unaccompanied migrants, some of whom McCarthy met with during his trip. – READ MORE

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