Biden reportedly busing scores of migrants into US interior to pursue more permanent legal status


Overwhelmed by the number of migrants surging across the southern border, the Biden administration has enacted what some are calling a “catch-and-bus” policy, daily transporting scores of migrants to various locations within the U.S. where they can pursue more permanent legal status, the Center for Immigration Studies reported this week.

The immigration think tank claimed that a “conveyer belt of commercial and charter buses” in Texas, Arizona, and California are carrying “tens of thousands” of migrants into America’s heartland. This “final leg of the smuggling routes,” it said, has gone largely unreported by media organizations that have instead been captivated by overcrowded migrant children housing facilities along the border.

Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow for the center, estimated that roughly 30,000 migrants who entered the country illegally have been bused directly into the country since the start of the year. That figure matches Border Patrol estimates TheBlaze reported on earlier this week.

“Immediately overwhelmed and unwilling to return children with their parents, Biden’s [Department of Homeland Security] began handing out legal permission slips to pursue more permanent legal status later and put them on outward-bound buses,” CIS noted in its report. “This practice, in turn, only propelled the crisis because, naturally, its satisfied beneficiaries passed on word of the new catch-and-bus practice on social media networks and calls home. A kind of gold rush began over the frontier that has only gathered volume and intensity by the day.”- READ MORE

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