Biden: Parts of US ‘backsliding’ into Jim Crow days


President Biden said parts of the United States are “backsliding” into “the days of Jim Crow,” during remarks Wednesday at the National Action Network’s national convention – one of the largest civil rights conferences in the country.

Biden delivered opening remarks focused on the state of civil rights and racial equality in the United States to the virtual convention of the organization, led and founded by Rev. Al Sharpton.

“This organization has always been an essential voice, but never more essential than it is today,” Biden said. “Upholding and advancing the security and prosperity of health and well-being, dignity, possibilities of all Black Americans.”

“It’s at a time when the pandemic and the economic crisis continue to devastate Black communities, at a time when the cry for justice for a hundred years in the making is ringing out across our nation,” Biden said.

“At a time when parts of our country are backsliding,” he continued. “The days of Jim Crow, passing laws that harken back to the era of poll taxes, when Black people were made to guess how many beans – how many jelly beans in a jar, or count the number of bubbles in a bar of soap before they could cast their ballot.” – READ MORE

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