Biden: Pandemic Relief An ‘Opportunity’ To ‘Change The Science Relating To Global Warming’ (VIDEO)


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta on Thursday night that the U.S. federal government’s economic recovery package was an “opportunity” to “fundamentally change the science relating to global warming.”

“One of the things that I think that we keep coming back to, and I’ve spent this morning talking to the docs that used to work with Sanjay in our last administration and heads of other entities that a, um, you know, it gets down to testing, it’s about testing, tracing, and treatment,” Biden said. “And so, we’re way behind on the testing piece and I don’t quite, I don’t quite understand why we’re taking so long to do the kinds of things that have to be done.”

“You know, there’s a uh, during World War  II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing uh, that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it’s called, he called it the, you know, the World War II, he had the war the War Production Board,” Biden continued. “I don’t know why we don’t set up something like a pandemic production board.” – READ MORE

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