Biden ‘Got a Nice Little Deal for His Boy’: New Hampshire Voter Shocks Interviewer (VIDEO)


“A New Hampshire voter told MSNBC on Friday that House Democrats are ‘crazy’ for pursuing an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump and suggested the real scandal in this controversy is the one presented in Peter Schweizer’s book ‘‘Secret Empires’: that Joe ‘Biden got a nice little deal for his boy’ in Ukraine,” as Breitbart pointed out about the video clip.

The voter also pointed out that the business dealings of Hunter Biden received little media attention until Trump highlighted the potential problems.

“Biden got a nice little deal for his boy and got a whole bunch of money for him and his firm and nobody said nothing about it,” the voter told MSNBC correspondent Ali Vitali.

“All of a sudden, Trump opens his mouth and says something and it’s, ‘Oh my God, impeach him!’” – READ MORE

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