Biden Gaffes His Way Through Coronavirus Proof-of-Life Video


Former vice president Joe Biden delivered a live-streamed address to supporters on Monday in an effort to assuage concerns regarding his whereabouts and wellbeing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Though Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, appeared to be in relatively good health, he was unable to make it through the roughly 15-minute “proof of life” video without committing a series of gaffes, flubs, and incoherencies.

The address got off to an awkward start, as a visibly confused Biden required several reassurances from staffers that the camera was rolling before he began reading his scripted speech from a teleprompter, which at one point experienced some technical difficulties.

Biden outlined steps he believes the federal government should take to combat the China-caused pandemic, but it wasn’t always clear what the hell he was talking about. “We need to build an arsenal of democracy, as we did in 1940,” Biden said at one point. “We can take, we can make a personal productive equipment.” – READ MORE

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