Biden Financial Disclosures Show $15 Million Increase Since Leaving Office


Former Vice President Joe Biden released his tax returns on Tuesday revealing a $15 million spike in income since leaving office in 2016, primarily thanks to book sales and speaking fees.

The Democratic frontrunner, who repeatedly refers to himself as “Middle Class Joe” and stresses his middle class origins, benefited from an extensive list of speaking events, many of which occurred during Biden’s book tour for his 2017 memoir, “Promise Me, Dad.”

Biden’s income, along with his wife Jill’s, totaled around $390,000 by the end of the Obama Administration. In the 2018 calendar year, his tax return reported an adjusted gross income of almost $4.6 million, a step down from 2017‘s $11 million.

Biden made two investments in second and third homes since leaving office, purchasing a $2.7 million vacation house on the coast of Delaware and renting a 12,000 square foot five bedroom, ten bathroom home in McLean, Virginia. – READ MORE

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