Biden Fact-Checked Over Remark Economy ‘Will Create 19 Million Jobs’ if Infrastructure Plan Is Passed


President Joe Biden was slapped by The Washington Post with two “Pinocchios” — which can mean “significant omissions and/or exaggerations” and something similar to “half true” — for a recent remark.

As the Post writes for two “Pinocchios,” “A politician can create a false, misleading impression by playing with words and using legalistic language that means little to ordinary people.”

Biden said during remarks on April 2, “Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs — good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well.”

The Post’s fact checker Glenn Kessler points to Moody’s Analytics, an economic research firm, as the source of the “19 million” number the president put out.

“These numbers include many jobs that would be created if government policymakers did absolutely nothing,” Kessler writes. “Confused? Well, so are administration officials at times.”

He goes on to explain how Moody’s report shows three scenarios, which are: No government intervention, American Rescue Plan passed into law, and both the American Rescue Plan and American Jobs Plan — the infrastructure plan — passed into law. – READ MORE

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