Biden Dodges Questions About Son’s Shady Foreign Business Dealings


Democrat frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden (D) refused to answer questions about the deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm and the Chinese government made, instead promising to address potential conflicts of interest on his first day in office, ABC News reported.

Throughout the week, Biden has refused to answer questions about his son’s foreign business dealings – securing $1.5 billion in investment from China particularly – which seemingly coincided with the former vice president’s “diplomatic work.” The issue popped up on the campaign trail a number of times this week, but Biden refused to elaborate. His staffers reportedly “blocked reporters” who approached him.

“At two separate campaign stops on Monday, Biden avoided questions about his son while his staff blocked reporters from approaching the candidate,” according to ABC News.

Instead of answering questions, Biden’s campaign sent ABC News a vague statement, detailing Biden’s supposed devotion to adhering to “executive branch ethics standards.” It added that Biden will issue an executive order on day one to “address conflicts of interest of any kind.” – READ MORE

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