Biden Announces His Aim Is To ‘Defeat’ Pro-Second Amendment NRA


Democrat President-elect Joe Biden announced in a statement late last week that he aims to “defeat” the NRA, a civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Biden made the statement last week on the 10-year anniversary of a shooting in Tucson, Arizona, that killed six people and wounded Gabby Giffords, a former congresswoman.

“As President, I pledge to continue to work together with Congresswoman Giffords, and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country, to defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America,” Biden said in the statement.

“On Friday, Biden pledged to DEFEAT THE NRA,” the National Rifle Association wrote on Twitter. “Biden wants to ban our semi-auto rifles, tax our guns/mags & more. He knows the only thing standing in his way to DISMANTLE THE 2ND AMENDMENT is NRA. Gun owners must stay vigilant & be engaged in elections and the legislative process.” – READ MORE

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