Bette Midler: This Climate Crisis Is ‘Trump’s 9-11’


Activist actress Bette Midler is accusing President Donald Trump of causing planet-ending global warming with a new tweet hyperbolically calling climate change “Trump’s 9-11.”
Midler was apparently responding to what she has heard about the government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment released last week that is filled with hoary proclamations about the evils of climate change.

On Monday, Midler equated the Trump administration’s approach to climate policy to the Islamist terror attacks that befell the nation on September 11, 2001.

“#ClimateCrisis i#TRUMP’s 9-11; he’ll go down in history as a feckless, reckless, witless, loveless, heartless and most important, BRAINLESS President,” the Where the Boys Are star tweeted. “Billions’ll be lost because he prefers pollution to blue skies, wildfires to forests & floods to the people he swore to protect.” – READ MORE

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