Bette Midler Offers Her Expertise On Iran Vs. U.S. She Chooses Iran.


On Tuesday night, political genius, history expert, and inveterate Trump-hater Bette Midler found it necessary to expound on the current situation between the United States and Iran, and true to form, she took the side against Trump, stating loftily that the missile attack on an Iraqi base was a “feint,” that Iran is “thousands of years old & was the first empire in history,” and that Iran is “cunning, crafty, & have lots of what we do not. Patience.”

Midler’s knowledge of the world and history is virtually limitless; in June 2017, after a deadly radical Islamist terror attack in London in which three jihadists murdered seven civilians and injured 48 others, Midler tweeted,“More sorrow and grief at the hands of madmen in London. Men and religion are worthless.”

Prior to that, in February 2017, Midler was panicked in New York as the temperature rose to a balmy 62 degrees in the middle of winter, Midler launched another attack on the males of the human species, tweeting, “It is currently 62 degrees in February in NY. Our poor planet, crucified on the cross of fecklessnes, malevolence and greed, mostly by men.” – READ MORE

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