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Betsy DeVos Promises To ‘Make Education Great Again’ On Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’


Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Education Secretary, said “it’s time to make education great again” as part of President-elect Donald Trump’s “thank you tour” at a rally Friday night near her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“She’s going to do an incredible job,” said Trump, before a full house at the DeltaPlex Arena. He said he expected her to “make great strides” in reforming the education sector. “It will be a beautiful thing.”

It was a return to the neighborhood of Trump’s final rally of the campaign, which stretched past midnight into Election Day. It had been a last-minute decision to go to Michigan and the state rewarded him with its 16 electoral votes after a narrow victory of just under 11,000 votes against Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival. – READ MORE

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