BETOCALYPSE NOW: O’Rourke Getting Blown Out by ‘None’ and ‘Not Sure’ in New Iowa Poll


Beto O’Rourke’s failed Senate race against Ted Cruz is the subject of an HBO documentary, which is hip and trendy and all, but Running With Beto fails to answer one of the most fundamental questions about his presidential campaign: What, exactly, is the point?

The latest Des Moines Register poll of Iowa Democrats suggests that early primary voters are just as perplexed as the rest of us. Beto is circling the drain of relevance at 2 percent, barely managing to distinguish himself from the huddled masses of random white dudes also running for president for no apparent reason.View image on Twitter

That’s not even the most discouraging aspect of the poll’s findings, as far as Beto is concerned. Though he’s technically tied for sixth place among named candidates, he is also getting blown out by “Not Sure” and “None of These,” both of which are polling at 6 percent among Iowa Democrats, according to the poll. – READ MORE

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