Beto: ‘Racism’ and ‘Hatred’ Define Trump Presidency


Former Rep. Robert Francis “beto” O’rourke (D-tx) Said On Friday Evening In Wisconsin That “hatred” And “racism” Have Defined Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Speaking to political science students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, O’Rourke told the Badgers that President Trump came to the border in El Paso, Texas, this week to “stoke the anxiety and the paranoia and the fear and the hatred and the racism that has defined his campaigns and his presidency.”

O’Rourke, who headlined an anti-wall rally across the street from Trump, added that protesters, knowing that the “eyes of the nation” were on them, met what Trump has “projected at the border” and “his fear and his lies with this profoundly powerful display” of their values.

O’Rourke then claimed that “immigrants and asylum seekers” are actually part of what make the country “secure and safe.” – READ MORE

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