Bernstein: Only a ‘Miracle’ Can Save Trump from Criminal Prosecution


For the final guest of CNN’s so-called “Reliable Sources”, host and media janitor Brian Stelter brought on CNN political analyst and Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein to sing the media’s praises and rail against the President. According to Bernstein’s rambling, Trump was “the most authoritarian president in our history” who got his “Roy Cohn” in Attorney General William Barr, and only something “miraculous” could save him.

As Stelter was preparing to bring his guest on, he proclaimed that “many Trump-related story lines are converging, all of them convoluted, but many pointing in the same direction toward presidential abuses of power.

“So, are members of the media living up to this challenge? … Are we living up to this moment in history,” he asked.

After claiming it was the press who were doing a great job and Congress who was failing because they weren’t holding impeachment investigations, Bernstein suggested: “there has been no real bipartisan investigation of the most authoritarian president in our history…” “Probably,” he added as an afterthought. – READ MORE

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