Bernie Sanders: We’re ‘Not There Right Now’ On Impeachment Proceedings


Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that, unlike some of his Democratic colleagues, he’s not ready to talk about impeaching President Donald Trump just yet.

Speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, Sanders says that he believes Democrats like Rep. Al Green (TX), whose impeachment effort failed spectacularly last week, are jumping the gun — and ruining future efforts to discredit and demote the Republican president.

“I think there is a process that has to be followed. I think Mr. Mueller is doing a very good job on his investigation, and if Mueller brings forth the clear evidence that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, I think you have grounds for impeachment,” Sanders said.

“But I think jumping the gun does nobody any good,” he continued. “You have to bring the American people onto this issue. You don’t want to make it into a partisan issue.”

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