Ben Stiller Refuses To Remove Trump From ‘Zoolander’


Ben Stiller will not be caving to the woke mob by removing President Trump’s cameo from his 2001 comedy “Zoolander.”

Speaking on The Daily Beast podcast “The New Abnormal,” Stiller said that President Trump’s appearance will remain, noting that his cameo was a spur of the moment opportunity at the VH1 Fashion Awards red carpet pre-show.

“We were shooting at the now defunct VH1 Fashion Awards … and as people were coming up the red carpet, we pulled them aside and asked them to talk about Derek Zoolander, and so Trump and Melania did that,” Stiller said, as reported by the New York Post. “I’ve had people reach out to me and say, ‘You should edit Donald Trump out of “Zoolander,”’ but at the end of the day, that was a time when that exists and that happened.”

“There were so many movies [back then] that had a silly cameo from Donald Trump,” Stiller said. “He represented a certain thing,” he later added.

Ben Stiller also believes that President Trump will always appreciate the fact that he was a part of “Zoolander.” In 2016, for instance, Stiller shared a theory with MSNBC host Chris Matthews as to why he thought “Zoolander 2” did so poorly. – READ MORE

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