Ben Shapiro: Now’s the time for Hillary Clinton to jump in and steal the nomination


Now is the time for Hillary Clinton to jump into the 2020 race for the White House and take advantage of the weak and fractured field, said Ben Shapiro on Thursday.

Shapiro claimed cracks are beginning to show with the current front-runners for the Democratic nomination and said voters aren’t responding to their initial policy proposals.

“It appears there is some roiling tension inside that Democratic field. People are not satisfied with the field they have,” he said on “The Ben Shapiro Show.”

“Honestly, if Hillary Clinton were to make her grand reentrance, now would be about the time she should do it. Because the fact is, a lot of people are dissatisfied with  Biden. A lot of people are dissatisfied with Warren and Hillary is an enormous name.”

Shapiro predicted that if Clinton got into the race she would easily clinch the nomination, but said she is unlikely to do so, paving the way for a Trump victory next November. – READ MORE

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