Ben Carson On Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Street: What If ‘Somebody Painted A Confederate Flag On A Public Street?’ (VIDEO)


Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, questioned how those painting “Black Lives Matter” on public streets would respond if someone were to paint a Confederate flag on a public street.

Carson, who made the remarks during an interview on Fox News with anchor Martha MacCallum, noted that there is a difference between “black lives matter,” which is a statement of support for the black community, and Black Lives Matter, which is a “Marxist-driven organization.”

Carson said that Black Lives Matter “espouses things like taking down the model of western family structure, talking about defunding the police, and the host of things on their websites, the marxist influence.”

“These are things that are antithetical to the American model and to patriotism in this country,” Carson continued. “So I think there are a lot of innocent and good people who think black lives matter just means we should be taking care of our black citizens and making sure they are not discriminated against, and that is noble and laudable. But we have an organization that is taking advantage of the fact that people don’t really know what’s behind a Marxist-driven organization.” – READ MORE

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