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Behind the Clinton Immunity Deals


We now know that the Justice Department granted immunity to at least five of Hillary Clinton’s close aides during the FBI’s investigation of her email scam. However, it’s hard to understand, in light of the ultimate disposition of the case, why Justice gave these people immunity. Representative Jason Chaffetz, whose committee has the herculean task of cleaning the Augean Clinton State Department stables, revealed the previously unpublicized immunity deals. He was quoted as saying of them, “[N]o wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case” referring to the FBI and Justice Department.

In fact, in normal circumstances, Chaffetz is exactly wrong. Immunity deals are granted precisely to prosecute a case and, in the absence of utter corruption, would never be issued unless prosecutors had other more valuable targets they intended to put away in return for letting some of the smaller fry go. That this did not happen in the Clinton email case is another factor that makes the decision so utterly fraught. – READ MORE

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