Battleground Polls: Trump Takes Lead in Florida, Pennsylvania, Tied in Ohio


Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took the lead in recent swing state polls published on Wednesday in battleground states.

The New Yorker leads presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Florida, Pennsylvania and is tied with her in Ohio, but he is winning with Independent voters in all three battleground states.

“Donald Trump enters the Republican Convention on a small roll in the three most important swing states in the country. He has wiped out Hillary Clinton’s lead in Florida; is on the upside of too-close to call races in Florida and Pennsylvania and is locked in a dead heat in Ohio,” stated Quinnipiac University poll assistant director Peter A. Brown. “While there is no definite link between Clinton’s drop in Florida and the U.S. Justice Department decision not to prosecute her for her handling of e-mails, she has lost ground to Trump on questions which measure moral standards and honesty.” – READ MORE

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