Barbara Boxer: ‘This Woman Is to Be Believed,’ ‘This Was Attempted Rape’


Boxer said, “This is eerily, eerily like what happened to Anita Hill. Even you have Chuck Grassley who was on the committee really being terrible to Anita Hill, and Orrin Hatch and others. And they’re still there. The difference is Dianne Feinstein is the ranking member. Kamala Harris is on the committee. Mazie Hirono is on the committee, Amy Klobuchar. There is a big difference because we now have a more representative Senate.”

She added, “This woman is to be believed.”

She added, “You can believe Dr. Ford. This was attempted rape. And this is a woman who exhibits, Dr. Ford, courage, but the classic signs of post-traumatic stress.” – READ MORE


Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) is calling on the FBI to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct facing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that have delayed his confirmation vote.

Schumer on Monday evening accused the White House of “intentionally” choosing “to bury its head in the sand and make weak excuses” for its pick.

“We need the FBI to step forward to ensure that the Senate and American public have complete information about this troubling alleged incident before a hearing is held,” he said in a statement.

Schumer issued his remarks shortly after the Justice Department announced that the allegation against Kavanaugh “does not involve any potential federal crime,” according to The Associated Press.  – READ MORE

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