Bail Fund Praised By Kamala Harris Has Twice Freed The Same Rioter. He Was Just Charged Again.


The bail funded supported by a dozen members of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and publicly praised by Vice President Kamala Harris has twice bailed out a violent rioter who has now been charged yet again.

Thomas Moseley, 29, has been charged with three additional offenses, according to Alpha News, including “fifth-degree drug possession, possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse, and second-degree rioting while armed with a dangerous weapon.”

As the outlet reported, Moseley “was previously arrested on property damage and gun possession charges, but was released after the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted $5,000 for his bail.” The weapon charge related to an October 15, 2020 incident in which Moseley had a gun while protesting inside the Hennepin County Government Center “where the officers involved in George Floyd’s death were making a court appearance.”

When officers arrested Moseley for property damage charges based on his behavior during an August riot, they found a handgun. This allowed them to obtain a warrant to search his vehicle, where they “discovered a massive cache of firearms and tactical gear, including three handguns, a shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a gas mask and about 50 rounds of ammunition — plus a stash of cocaine, mushrooms, and marijuana,” Alpha News reported. In addition to these items, they also found a hatchet, a crowbar, and a bulletproof vest.- READ MORE

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