BAD NEWS FOR BERNIE: Poll Finds Americans Don’t Like Candidates Over 75 Or Socialists


According to a new poll which measured the characteristics Americans find most desirable in a president, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) may have some serious trouble among the general public. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll asked respondents about 11 different characteristics of theoretical candidates, and found that among the least popular were being a socialist, which only 25% of respondents approved of, and being over the age of 75, which only 37% of respondents approved of.

Of socialism in general, only 18% of respondents approved, while 50% of respondents disapproved. Conversely, 50% of respondents approved of capitalism with only 19% disapproving.

The most popular characteristics according to the poll were virtually tied: being African- American, of which 87% of respondents said they were either “enthusiastic” or “comfortable,” ran neck-and-neck with being white, which garnered 86%. Being female was approved by 84% of respondents.

Despite the poll finding 41% of respondents saying they would reelect President Trump, almost 90% of GOP voters approve of him, giving his base a rock-solid feel to it. At the same point in his presidency, only 38% of voters said they would reelect former President Bill Clinton.- READ MORE

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