Backlash is swift and immediate against ‘former Republican’ who targets, doxxes Trump-supporting nuns


Three nuns wearing “MAGA” face masks attended President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday, setting the internet ablaze.

The nuns triggered a mixed bag of reactions. Some people praised the nuns for supporting Trump, others bashed the women of God, and yet others claimed the nuns were actually actors planted by the Trump campaign for purpose of optics.

But one man earned the scorn of the internet after he was accused of “doxxing” the Trump-supporting nuns.

Peter Vroom, whose identifies himself as a “former Republican” in his Twitter bio, singled out the nuns on Saturday after images of them at Trump’s rally went viral.

Vroom added, “Bizarre and disgusting. Positioning nuns wearing MAGA masks directly behind @realDonaldTrump at his Ohio rally. Are they praying for the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths Trump is responsible for?” – READ MORE

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